I had never seen this movie before it was assigned for this course. Call me stubborn, (or judgmental…but that might be too harsh…really…) I had NO desire to watch Paranormal Activity when it was released in 2009. I had the mindset that the universe had already experienced The Blair Witch Project and there really wasn’t much allure for me with the whole, “reality/not reality” format. Besides, Blair Witch dominated with that and nothing has ever been able to come close to that publicity stunt since. I knew that Paranormal Activity wasn’t claiming to be actual footage (like Blair), but its documentary style was enough to give the illusion. I guarantee someone somewhere thinks (might swear by the moon, the inconstant moon) that the couple and the events in the film are REAL. Oh no! Where’s Katie?!?!?!? ………………………………… Unfortunately, I didn’t care for this movie at all. I didn’t think I would like it when it came out and now having watched it, I feel content with my first impression.

Let me state that Micha Sloat is by far the most ridiculous character I have come across in a long, long time. I understand the camera thing. We had to have someone insisting upon it or else there would be no movie, at least not in the way it was envisioned. So, Micha grows attached to the camera. However, his overall obsession with filming everything was irritating. He claimed it was going to help them “fix” the activity. Tell me how exactly? Anyway, he was convinced that it would help. Just like he was convinced belittling Mr. Fredrichs, yelling manly “what ups”, and bringing a f*cking Ouija board into the mix would help. Smart guy. Definitely a keeper….can you visualize my eyes rolling right about now?

His character arc was interesting enough although I don’t think his journey was very productive. When the couple started their story, his attitude was pretty nonchalant with a dash of asshole. He slowly moved into believing that something was going on, but still refused to take it seriously. So, the big, bad man that he was, provokes! Obviously a wise choice. Suddenly his girlfriend (who was way smarter by default of fear) was being dragged out of their bedroom by an invisible force. Do we still refuse help from someone who might know something? Yep. Micha’s the man. Micha can protect his girlfriend. He does have some depth. The closer we got to the climax, the more vulnerable and insecure he became. But, I just don’t have it in me to really care that he died. In fact, the guy kinda deserved what he got.

Katie, sweet Katie. She was relatable. I wanted to be invested in her well being. I thought her logic concerning the situation was believable. I liked that they had a “psychic” come in (who wasn’t a psychic, but a medium…I digress). I liked that she wanted to contact Dr. Averies. I liked that she didn’t want to agitate the entity. I liked that she fought Micha on his behavior. But…I didn’t like how she screamed all the time and got very dramatic about everything. I liked Micha’s curiosity, but hated his attitude. I liked Katie’s belief and fight, but wasn’t really digging her reaction to the phenomenon. I was extremely upset with Micha and his influence on her, but I don’t blame her. If I was experiencing all the stuff she was and I was scared, I wouldn’t want to go it alone. I would want a friend. Sadly, Micha was an idiot. I especially liked his knowledge of bringing in a demonologist or exorcist as he referred to him. Micha, the knower of all, explained how that would just make matters worse. Perhaps, but guess what, Micha??? SO DOES BRINGING IN A OUIJA BOARD!

I understood Katie was haunted or a demon had attached on to her. She wasn’t possessed though and the activity was hit and miss since she was young. Did Mr. Demon decide it was time to get on in Katie OR did the couple make that happen? Still it would have been interesting for them to have left. Even though they were told and came to the conclusion it just wouldn’t matter. If I were being terrorized, I might try anything. And I would definitely film EVERY SINGLE ATTEMPT!….

So…it didn’t end well for our engaged to be engaged couple. Bummer. I wish I could have suspended my mind for this film. Granted, if I was living their story, I’d be pretty freaked out. I wouldn’t have done half of the things they did, but yeah…I’d be freaked out. One thing I really did like was the fact that they started experiencing phenomena during the day time. We tend to feel safe during the day and I think it added a level to the story that not many horror films explore.

I can’t say that I will watch 2 or 3. But, I am happy I finally watched this film. Now I know I don’t like it when I tell people I don’t like it.